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  • The Constitution & Bylaws program informs and educates members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of having properly written and regularly reviewed and updated governing documents at all levels of the organization.       

  • Your governing documents include your articles of incorporation (if incorporated), constitution, bylaws, standing rules, and policies. 

  • These fundamental rules of the organization state how the membership agrees to govern itself, how it will choose its leaders, hold its meetings, and policies of the administration of the organization.

  • Knowing the non-profit laws in your state provides the essential foundation for your governing documents at the department, district, county, and unit level.

  • The importance of having governing documents in place to allow operations to continue in an emergency has become absolutely vital.

  • Keeping your governing documents up to date and making them available to all members are key to a healthy organization that functions as a team to support our veterans, military, and their families.

  • Remember that department, district, county, and unit constitution, bylaws, and standing rules cannot be in conflict with national governing documents. 

  • When the national constitution, bylaws, and standing rules change, departments, districts, counties, and units should automatically update their governing documents.

  • Contact your Department Constitution & Bylaws Chairman for assistance.  The National Association of Parliamentarians is a good resource to find a professional registered parliamentarian near you.

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