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American patriotism is a fundamental value of the American Legion Auxiliary. Americanism programs teach respect for our country and our nation’s flag. Patriotism is learned by seeing it in action. Patriotism is rooted in our character by practicing it throughout our lives. The Auxiliary creates opportunities that all Americans can do to show our respect and set positive examples of living as grateful, patriotic citizens. The Auxiliary provides learning opportunities and instructional resources for important things every good citizen should know, such as learning about the Constitution and flying the flag on patriotic holidays. They also fold pocket flags to send to our troops overseas and present flags to local schools and businesses.


The Auxiliary is a member of the Citizens Flag Alliance and advocates for a constitutional amendment to protect the flag by supporting federal legislation and encouraging other people to do so.

To help our country’s most promising young citizens learn firsthand the principles of our free republic guided by the principles of democracy, the Auxiliary promotes many patriotic youth programs, including the Auxiliary-sponsored Americanism Essay Contest, which is conducted in local school systems. We believe promoting a spirit of patriotism by teaching about it develops lifelong respect for what we hold dear – our country and her flag.

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